Reality bites NC-20

NC-20, named for the 20 coastal counties of North Carolina, is an extremist anti-global warming organization. They don’t like being called ‘anti-science,’ but the facts speak for themselves. One of the objectives of NC-20 is to pass legislation in North Carolina to control how climate research is conducted or considered by the state. Their interest in this is that a forecasted 39-inch sea level rise would inundate much of their counties. This, obviously, is not in the best business interest of the coastal counties, so they will just try and get global warming outlawed.

Well, nature doesn’t really care what NC-20 wants. Ironically, it turns out North Carolina is an excellent place to show the sea level rise research is valid. Stefan Rahmstorf, a German climatologist, has used the North Carolina marshes to identify sea level rise for the last 2000 years. By using sediment cores, he was able to show sea level rise closely correlates with rising temperature.

NC-20 can huff and puff and blow all they want. They can try to get all the legislation they want passed. But, it won’t matter. The global average temperature continues to rise and the sea level will continue to rise with it. What are going to do when this comes to pass? I imagine they will try to sue nature or have it arrested because it violated the law. Why not? Taking measures to be prepared probably isn’t anything they would consider.


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